Cancer Survivor
“I honestly feel that without Foundation Medicine, I probably wouldn’t be here. I am so thankful that my specimen was sent for genomic testing.”
Lung Cancer Survivor
“Because of FoundationOne, I’m training for my ninth marathon instead of enduring chemotherapy. FoundationOne has not only saved my life but also saved the quality of my life. Foundation Medicine has given me hope for a future where lung cancer is a manageable disease.”
Corrie Painter
Cancer Researcher and Cancer Survivor
“Foundation Medicine is playing a prominent role in transforming cancer care by allowing patients and physicians to find different types of clinical trials or targeted therapies that they might not otherwise know would work for their particular type of cancer.”
Elizabeth Welsh
Cancer Survivor
“Ten years after my little sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, our journeys have grown connected in a way that I could never have imagined. I can’t describe how amazing it is to wake up every morning, knowing that in the moments that make up our day, she and I will both directly impact patients.”

- Allison Welsh, Clinical Scientist, FMI
FoundationOne Patient
“After going through all of the chemo and infusion therapy, there comes one day when doctor tells you we found something that might help your case.And all of a sudden there is new hope. That case for me was the Foundation Medicine results that my cancer was treatable with a drug that had been approved.”
Danielle Angeloni Cigna
Cancer Survivor
“Working for Foundation Medicine gives me the ability to help patients like my sister who’ve battled and beat cancer. It's truly gratifying when I hear how the FoundationOne assay is helping patients like my sister.”

- Jonathan Katchmore, Regional Sales Manager, FMI
Joyce Stern
FoundationOne Patient
“Foundation Medicine results gave me hope. I was able to get a targeted therapy based on my genomic profile that worked for my cancer type.”
Morag Curran
Cancer Survivor
“I am motivated every day to come to work and give my best because I know there are people with cancer, their loved ones and their caregivers who are depending on me. I know that our work in the lab is critical and the results we generate have a direct impact on patient’s lives.”

- John Curran, Director, Central Laboratory, FMI

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Learn More About Cancer
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Cancer Explained in 2 minutes

Every Cancer Is Unique

Cancer occurs when the DNA in a human cell becomes damaged or mutates in such a way that the body is unable to identify the problem or repair it. These abnormal cells can grow out of control and form tumors or masses that invade healthy tissue and organs. Traditionally, cancer has been categorized according to its location in the body, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, etc., and most patients with a particular tumor type were treated with the same chemotherapies.

In recent years, cancer researchers have identified specific genes that are related to cancer growth. As a result, cancer can now be categorized by the underlying changes in DNA, or genomic alterations that drive the tumor’s growth.

Targeted therapy is a promising type of cancer treatment that precisely identifies and attacks cancer cells by locating the specific genomic alterations that are driving the cancer growth. These therapies attack only cancer cells and do in general far less damage to normal cells. Targeted therapy is a growing part of many cancer treatment regimens.

Genomic testing or profiling identifies the underlying DNA alterations that are driving the tumor’s growth. This information may help physicians understand which targeted treatment options are available for a patient based on their tumor’s unique genomic profile.

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Find Out How Genomic Profiling a Tumor
Can Help You

Watch how FoundationOne helped tailor Heather’s treatment

Comprehensive genomic profiling can help tailor your treatment options

As discussed above, even when two people have tumors in the same part of their body, their tumors are most likely different at a basic, molecular level – that is, there may be different genomic alterations causing each person’s cancer to grow.

Comprehensive genomic profiling cancer tests such as FoundationOne and FoundationOne Heme provide the information your physician needs in one single test to help guide a tailored treatment approach using targeted therapies. You and your doctor can use the results from FoundationOne or FoundationOne Heme to discuss possible treatment options, including FDA-approved targeted therapies or novel targeted treatments under development in clinical trials.

Talk to your doctor about comprehensive genomic profiling and learn how you may benefit from a tailored treatment approach.

Getting Started
With FoundationOne

Learn how FoundationOne can help tailor your treatment

Your Doctor Orders The Test

If you and your doctor decide FoundationOne or FoundationOne Heme is right for you, your doctor will place an order for the appropriate test. Foundation Medicine will work with your doctor to have your tumor sample sent to our laboratory where it can be examined for genomic alterations.

You may have questions about the cost of the test, and whether it is covered by your insurance. Our FoundationAccess program is designed to help you and your doctor’s office with these questions as well as guide you in accessing relevant clinical trials.

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...there comes a day when the doctor tells you we found something that might help your case. And all of a sudden there is new hope.

- Heather, FoundationOne Patient

How Does Comprehensive
Genomic Profiling Work?

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Foundation Medicine results gave me hope. I was able to get a targeted therapy based on my genomic profile that worked for my cancer type.

- Joyce Stern, FoundationOne Patient

A passionate group of cancer genomics experts here to help you

Once your tumor sample is received at the Foundation Medicine laboratory, the DNA from the tumor will be taken from the sample so we can identify the genomic alterations that are unique to your cancer. Typically, Foundation Medicine sends your physician a detailed report, with information about your tumor’s genomic makeup and potential treatment options within 14 days for FoundationOne and within 21 days for FoundationOne Heme.

FoundationOne and FoundationOne Heme reports are designed to help your physician match your results with available therapies that target your specific cancer, as well as any open clinical trials that are testing new targeted treatments. Everything in the report is supported by up to date clinical findings and scientific research.

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Inside the FoundationOne Report

Physicians accessing FoundationOne results using the Interactive Cancer Explorer

Targeted Therapies Matched To Your Unique Profile

Results of FoundationOne and FoundationOne Heme can reveal multiple genomic alterations that are driving the growth of your cancer, along with targeted therapies that may work for your cancer. These targeted therapies are FDA approved either for your tumor type or for another tumor type. You and your doctor can evaluate the data available in the context of your unique situation to determine which treatment options may be right for you.

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Clinical Trials May Be An Option For You

You may be a candidate for a clinical trial or study evaluating a potential new targeted therapy. Clinical trials are often an important option for patients with cancer, particularly if an approved treatment has stopped working or your cancer has progressed or returned following treatment. Targeted therapies represent the most active area of cancer research today, so an investigational treatment in a clinical trial may very well be a good treatment for your cancer.

FoundationOne and FoundationOne Heme reports include a list of ongoing clinical trials you may be eligible for, as well as tell you how you and your doctor can find additional studies as they open.

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At Foundation Medicine, we understand that when you or a loved one is battling cancer, the financial burden should be the last thing you worry about.

FoundationAccess has been developed to address any financial, access and claim issues for Foundation Medicine testing. Our FoundationAccess billing and reimbursement services are designed to deliver the promise of comprehensive genomic profiling to patients regardless of financial situation.


FoundationAccess Reimbursement and Financial Assistance Program

Foundation Medicine is committed to helping you and your doctor navigate your cancer and not worry about how to pay for the test. When your physician orders FoundationOne or FoundationOne Heme, he or she will provide your insurance information to Foundation Medicine. We will work directly with your insurance company on your behalf to try to obtain coverage and pursue any necessary appeals. Through FoundationAccess, we also offer financial assistance programs to work within your ability to pay.

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